Are the designs original ?

Yes, each tapestry is created from an original design made by the artist.  Some of the designs start as photographs and some are created "by hand'.


Do you really weave each tapestry ?

Yes, each tapestry is woven by the artist.  Every bead is picked up with a needle and woven into each tapestry.


Are the larger tapestries stitched together in sections ?

No, every tapestry is woven as a single complete piece.


Can the designs be customized ?

Yes, any bookmark or tapestry can be modified to your request.  Special requests will take some time because a new tapestry will be woven to meet the new specifications.


Is shipping added to the price ?

Yes, shipping is extra.  The larger tapestries require careful packaging for protection and this requires a larger box.


What happens if an item is out of stock ?

Each tapestry is hand-made and requires many hours to complete.  If an item has been recently sold it has to be re-made before being available to ship.  If this situation occurs with a piece you have ordered, we will email you immediately and provide an anticipated shipping date.  If this date does not meet your needs, a full refund will be issued.


How did you make the looms ?

The looms basically consist of two threaded rods separated by a distance large enough to accommodate the height of the tapestry.  The width of the loom must be great enough to handle the width of the tapestry.  A key aspect of the loom is that it be very stable and not subject to movement as the threads are strung across its length.


What is special about the beads ?

The beads are called seed beads, size 11.  They are about 1 mm in diameter and height.  The beads are made from glass, so they will easily break with needle-nose pliers.  Importantly, we use Delica seed beads - made by the Miyuki company in Japan - because the beads are extremely consistent in size.  This makes the rows of beads have consistent widths and details of the tapestry image line up as expected in the finished tapestry.